Our pick for the 5 Best Neighborhoods in Orlando FL

Before you settle down on an Orlando Florida neighborhood. Now is the time to look for a bargain home, a few things you need to consider. Here's our view of the 5 best neighborhoods in Orlando FL. You may face inconveniences and expenses because you failed to choose the best neighborhood. Access to necessities; the grocery store, banks, pharmacies, and laundry service; calculate the transportation cost. Proximity to schools and colleges, including other educational facility, the commute time, and toll charges must be factored.

Another thing to factor in is the cost accrued to reach out for the entertainment options, and loved ones as well as the livability score. Orlando FL is a great place to live, with beautiful weather, average 82 degrees temperature year around. The livability score of Orlando is 71. If you are planning to buy or rent a home read further to find the best neighbors in Orlando.

5 best neighborhoods based on the livability score

The livability score assesses amenities, the cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing, and weather.

  1. Orwin Manor

The neighborhood that ranks number one with the highest livability score of 85 is Orwin Manor. However, the cost of living index is higher than Orlando by 24 percent and the crime rate is 60 percent lower. It has a 16 percent High school graduation rate, which is higher than Orlando. Orwin Manor’s median home value is 126 percent higher with a median household income 185 percent higher than Orlando.

  1. Rose Isle

The neighborhood with a second highest livability score (85) is Rose Isle, whose cost of living index is 31 percent higher than Orlando. Here, the crime rate is 60 percent lower. Its median home value is 169 percent higher than Orlando. Moreover, the median household income is 174 percent higher than Orlando as well as the high school graduation rate is 16 percent higher.

  1. Lake Formosa

Lake Formosa ranks third highest with a livability score of 84. The cost of living index is at 17 percent higher in comparison to Orlando. Moreover, the high school graduation rate is 13 percent higher, median home value is 66 percent higher than Orlando. According to the employment report, the median household income is 145 percent higher. Comparatively, the crime rate is 60 percent lower.

  1. Lancaster Park

Lancaster Park ranks 4th in Orlando, FL, with 83 as the livability score and 25 percent higher cost of living index than Orlando. Here the crime rate is 60 percent lower than Orlando and high school graduation rate 15 percent higher. The median household income is 106 percent higher and median home value is 129 percent than Orlando.

  1. Park Lake-Highland

In Orlando, Park Lake-Highland ranks 5th with a livability score of 83 and 55 percent lower crime rate. The median home value of Park lake-highland is 47 percent and the median household income is 105 percent higher than Orlando. The high school graduation rate is 14 percent higher where its cost of living index is 10 percent higher than Orlando.

5 best neighborhoods based on popularity

  1. The South Eola district is a ‘walkers paradise’ also known as ‘Best little neighborhood’ in Orlando. It is a neighborhood where one can live, work, and taste.
  2. Central Business District or CBD, as locally called is the heart of Orlando’s commercial and business activities as well as the arts community.
  3. Thornton Park is Orlando’s luxurious cosmopolitan neighborhood with fine dining restaurants, condominiums, and fashion boutiques.
  4. Designated and registered as the local historic district in 1989, Lake Eola Heights displays a great mix of old style architecture.
  5. East Central Park has many places to visit, dine, and hence it is the hidden residential gem.

5 best neighborhoods based on direction

  1. In the North, Orlando’s quintessential neighborhood is Winter park with posh boutiques and museums.
  2. Near Orlando’s downtown is a highly ‘walkable’, a low-key beautiful neighborhood is College Park.
  3. In the East is Orlando’s largest state school, East Orlando (University of Central Florida area).
  4. Lake Nona in the south is an upcoming neighborhood well known for Golf and a medical city for biotech research.
  5. Celebration in the west of Orlando is reminiscent of a movie set in Hollywood.

According to Fred Franks of Localrealtyservice.com of the 116 neighborhoods, these are 5 best neighbors in Orlando, FL.