Let’s face it, you’re very busy. We’re very busy. Everybody’s very, very busy. And because everybody’s very, very busy –– everybody’s very, very forgetful. But everybody being busy and forgetful isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because everybody is busy and forgetful, there are tons of convenient and easy-to-use gadgets and services out there that make life so much easier around the home. That time you forgot to leave a key under the mat for the dog walker? Somebody solved that problem already. Or how about the thousandth time you forgot to turn the AC down before you left for work? Somebody solved that problem already. What about that time you forgot to hire a lawn care service before summer, so now you’re stuck mowing the lawn yourself because everyone you call is too busy to come out and give an estimate? Chances are, somebody thought about that already. Sometimes it seems almost as if the more chaotic and busier life gets, the easier it gets. These are 6 gadgets and services that will make life easier around your home.

Be the master of your front door with August Smart Home Access Solution

 August’s mission is to keep the bad guys out while letting the right people in. The August Smart Home Access Solution gives homeowners complete control over the front door right from their smartphone no matter where in the world they happen to be. The app allows customizable control over who has access to the home – and when that person is granted access. Install is easy, just slip the August Smart Lock over your existing lock. You never have to worry about making a copy or leaving a key under the mat. Your phone becomes the key.

Make your garden beautiful with Edyn

 All of our green thumbs out there have surely heard the saying, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” For those of us less acquainted, sometimes it feels as if it takes a library to maintain a garden. With Edyn, you get environmental conditions sent directly to your smartphone so that you never you’ll never overwater or underwater your garden again. The Edyn Water Valve automatically gives your plants exactly the amount of water they need every time. It even monitors other things such as light, humidity, and nutrition. Giving you the power and knowledge of a master gardener at your fingertips.

Never forget to feed your best friend again with Petnet

 Petnet is the automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs that nobody asked for, but everybody wanted. Gone are the days where forgetting to set an alarm could result in forgetting to feed your best friend (it does happen we just don’t talk about it). Petnet makes sure your pets are always fed correct portions when you're away. And even has a camera so that you can say hey and check on them throughout the day. Just enter your pet’s age, weight, and activity level to make sure that you’re best friend is automatically taken care of even when you’re not at home.

The smartest way to manage your AC with Tado°

 Tado° is AC made easy. This Smart AC Control device automatically pre-cools to your scheduled temperature before you get home and turns the AC off for you when you leave. The app lets the device detect how far away you are from home and sets the temperature accordingly. Of course because of the useful app, you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world. The company even boasts energy savings of up to 40%! Easy AC just became cheaper AC.

Care-free moving with Bellhops

Bellhops takes the stress out of moving into your new home. Bellhops online booking allows you to schedule a move online in just a few minutes. It’s a flexible moving service that puts a heavy emphasis on customer service. They have pay-as-you-go options, the option to use your own truck, and even supply moving bins if you need it. With Bellhops, moving to a new home in Tampa has never been easier.

Lawn care on auto-pilot with LawnStarter

   LawnStarter is an online booking service for lawn care. Their website claims that homeowners can get an automatic quote and schedule a mow in just 5 minutes. All of their lawn care providers are licensed, insured, and customer service oriented. They even have an app that allows you to manage your lawn care from anywhere in the world. For an overview of their services and info on best lawn care practices visit their lawn care page. With LawnStarter, hiring a lawn care professional in Tampa has never been easier. These are just 6 of the best gadgets and services out there that are fighting to make your very, very busy life just that much easier. Know of any products that you can’t live without? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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