Comparison of Maimi and Ocala

What is the best place to buy a home or rent in the US? It should be secure, entertaining, have top class amenities, and affordable to live in. In this review, we compare the cost of living between Miami and Ocala to assist you in drawing the right conclusion on the best place to buy a home or rent an apartment. If you are planning to buy property or rent an apartment in a different city, well, hold on until you finish reading this post. Ocala is approximately 28% cheaper to stay in compared to Miami. This big difference is contributed by the housing which is 63% more expensive in Miami compared to Ocala.

Ocala and Miami Living Index

The living index of Miami is significantly higher compared to Ocala. The Rent Index of Miami is 61.29 while that of Ocala is 21.83. The Grocery index is relatively close between the two cities with Miami standing slightly higher at 79.49 while Ocala follows closely at 77.68. The Local Purchasing Power in Miami is 99.57 while that of Ocala is 109.57. Other living indices include Restaurant index that stands at 87.27 for Miami while that of Ocala is 65.87.

Ocala and Maimi Market

Most of the consumer products are very expensive in Miami compared to Ocala. Here are the common products and their prices.

Product Price in Ocala Price in Miami
1 Litre of Milk 0.99$ 0.93$
Loaf of Bread (500 grams) 2.73$ 2.71$
Eggs (pack of 12) 2.50$ 2.87$
Cheese (1 kilogram) 11.1$ 11.0$
Chicken breast (1 kilogram) 8.81$ 8.98$
Beef round (1 kilogram) 12.35$ 11.46$
Apples (1 kilogram) 4.41$ 5.87$
Bananas (1 kilogram) 1.56$ 1.57$
Oranges (1 kilogram) 3.23$ 5.34$
Tomatoes (1 kilogram) 4.40$ 4.26$
Potatoes (1 kilogram) 2.76 $ 2.45$
Domestic beer (1/2 litre) 1.83 $ 2.83$
Pack of cigarettes 6.00$ 6.40$

Cost of Transportation between Ocala and Miami

Just like the cost of common user products, the cost of transport in Miami is higher compared to Ocala. The normal taxi starting cost in Miami is 2.95$ while that of Ocala is 2.75$. The same tax will charge 2.07$ for 1 kilometer on the normal tariff while a similar tax will cost you 1.27$ in Ocala. Every tax in Miami will charge you an additional 24$ for waiting for you about 1hr while Ocala will charge you 20$. If you are driving an individual car, the cost of gasoline in Miami is 0.61$/liter while the same quantity will cost you 0.55$/liter in Ocala. The average cost of regular gas in Ocala is 2.35$ and 2.99$ in Miami.


The average cost of basic utilities (water, garbage, heating, and electricity) for an 85 square meters Apartment in Miami is 135.14$/month and 145.67$/month in Ocala. To communicate using your mobile phone, it will cost you about 0.15$/minute in Miami and 0.10$ in Ocala. To browse on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, the cost of data (average 10mbs, cable, or unlimited data) is 55.24$ in Miami or 56.10$ in Ocala.

Fitness and leisure

Fitness and leisure facilities are very costly in Miami compared to Ocala. An adult is charged 39.91$/month in a fitness club and Miami or 21.5$ in Ocala. To use a tennis court in Miami, you will need 11.90$/hour or 8.00$ if playing in Ocala. For people who love cinema, a seat is charged 12.00$ in Miami and 8.0$ in Ocala.

Cost of rent

When it comes to the cost of rent, Miami is very expensive compared to Ocala. A one bedroom apartment in Miami city center goes for 1,727.17$ while a similar apartment is charged 575.00$ in Ocala. If you want a similar 1 bedroom apartment outside the city center in Miami, it will cost you 1,256.22$ and 500.00$ in Ocala. If you prefer a bigger house in Miami, be prepared to pay 3,260.00$ for a 3 bedroom house in city center and 2,187.57$ if outside the city. A similar 3 bedroom apartment in Ocala will be lent for 1,020.00$ downtown Ocala and 908.33$ if outside the city.

Cost of homes

The average cost of a home per square foot in Miami is 409$ while the median cost of homes is 445,000$. In contrast, the average price of homes per square foot is 91$, while the medium price of homes is 159,900$ in Ocala. For those who prefer living in the city center, the cost of an apartment is 5,205.21$ in Miami while that in Ocala is 861.11$. A similar apartment outside Miami city center will cost 2,490.45$ and 726.56$ in Ocala.