While there are plenty of similarities that the UK and USA share, homes are certainly not one of them! British homes are incredibly different to American ones and we are going to explain exactly how contrasting homes are between both countries. Some of the main unique things that UK homes contain or the way they are designed has a lot to do with the age of the property and the size of our country as a whole.

America is a vastly new country and has more room to use when it comes to property development. UK homes are very old by American standards which are perhaps one of their biggest charms- many Americans are fascinated with the provenance of a building, for example. Here are some of the biggest differences you will find in a British home compared to an American home:

Hot and cold taps

Having separate hot and cold taps is something that is deeply rooted in the history of British homes as the cold water supply came from an entirely separate place to the heated. While separate taps are no longer needed, Brits tend to be sentimental and keep their taps separated for the nostalgic element. Many people argue that the US has better taps as joint taps are easier to use and more practical.

Plug size

An interesting fact that always comes up when it comes to looking at the comparison of US and UK homes is the size of plugs! The UK has quit large three pronged plugs in comparison to smaller US ones. Another thing to consider is that the voltage system used in the US and the UK is also different and you should be mindful of this when staying in an American home if you are from the UK and vice versa. If you are looking to move to the UK from America it is good to note down that you will need to purchase adaptors for any electrical equipment you bring over.

The size

One thing that Americans tend to compare when they come to the UK is how much smaller homes are and how much more expensive they are too. This reiterates our earlier point where we discussed the idea of country size and ability for American homes to be more spread out and larger as they have more room to work with. Homes in London, for example tend to be much smaller than other parts of the country as they have a very saturated area of people to house which means Londoners tend to live on top of one another in flats and high rise buildings.

This tends to become less of a trend the further out of London and further into the country that you travel. Ultimately we believe that it is the age and quirkiness of British homes that is so appealing. If you are looking to buy your dream home, be sure to get in contact with a knowledgeable estate agents team in Chelmsford where the property market is becoming increasingly more interesting.