It is still only February but we believe that it’s never too early to begin thinking about spring and gardening ideas, especially during long winters. As a result, we’ve decided to layout a few design concepts for you to consider so that you can plan ahead and prepare your plans for your garden when the weather starts to warm up. This may be a good article to review if you were too embarrassed last summer to invite friends and family over to your home for get-together s because you didn’t want anyone to see your garden; or the lack there of.

The hope is to get you inspired and to motivate you to improve your backyard with a beautiful garden that will blow everyone’s minds when you invite them over for any occasion. But even if you just want to try something new this year and change things up, we hope these garden ideas will stimulate your imagination so that you can try something fresh and new with any space you have around your house. It doesn’t matter if you have a large property with which to work, or a small garden space.

These garden designs are meant for you to create highlights and features with any size space for which you have available in which to create your garden. One thing we have learned and we keep on preaching every year is; be bold. You can never be too bold when you are creating a garden, and the more you accentuate any aspect of your garden the more it comes to life. So, don’t let another year go by with a dull garden in your backyard!

Welcome Wildlife To Your Garden

As you select flowers and decorative items for your garden this spring, make sure your choices will welcome butterflies, hummingbirds and other birds to enliven your garden. For example, hummingbirds are attracted to such flowers as bee balm begonia, bleeding heart butterfly weed, canna, century plant and cardinal flower. Don’t be afraid to add a birdfeeder in your garden as well because it will not only welcome hummingbirds, but also attract other types of birds that will brighten your day every time they land in your garden. To encourage butterflies to visit your garden, we know they are attracted to such flowers as alyssum, aster, bee balm, calendula, cosmos, butterfly bush, daylily, and delphinium. Consider some of these flowers and possibly a bird feeder to “spring” your garden to life this year.

Be Dramatic

Whether you have a large or small space with which to work, don’t be afraid to add drama to your garden. This can be accomplished very easily with an oversized gate, arbor or even a gazebo. You can use these decorative structures to run flowers up their sides to create a marvelous highlight to any garden. They will add style and a focal point to your yard that is sure to invite and generate conversation around your garden design.

Take Advantage Of Your Trees

If you have a small garden space with which to work, trees can be sometimes a difficult problem because they can make growing a lawn or a flower border almost impossible to grow. But rather than fight the problem, consider paving around the tree area with something like flagstone, and using the area for some benches or a table and chairs. On the other hand if you have a larger area, don’t be afraid to be creative and use the barren ground around the tree for a cool living space. Just make sure whatever you do always leave any exposed roots alone and never raise the grade around the base of the tree.

Don’t Hide; Camouflage Your Trash Bins

Do you have an embarrassing corner in your yard where you are forced to keep all of your trash bins, gardens tools, or garden hose? This can destroy a beautiful view and spoil the appearance of your garden. Consider a wooden fence barrier with a gate to keep these eye sores out of the sight. You can even extend the fenced area to include any additional garden tools, carts or any other accessories you may need inside the surrounded gated enclosure. Once you close the gate, all of your garbage and other eye sores will be perfectly tucked away - out of sight, out of mind.

Don’t Fear Eliminating Your Lawn

If you are tired of mowing your lawn every week, consider removing the sod for a wonderful living space that you can actually use. For example, consider replacing your turf with gravel on which to place a table and chairs, and maybe even adding some flower containers around a single love chair so that you can enjoy you evening sunsets from your garden. In doing this you will find yourself enjoying your garden more, not just from the decorative area, but also from the time you save not having to mow your lawn every week. You might also consider turning your lawn into a focal point in your yard by ensuring that it is in fantastic shape. Hiring a company that specializes in lawn service in Orlando is a good first step because a professional will be able to formulate a plan that will leave your lawn looking wonderful. Eliminating insects, fertilizing the lawn, targeting the weeds, and evaluating the soil conditions are just some of the specifics that a lawn service company will address, and this will leave your lawn looking like it belongs with the rest of your garden, instead of standing out in a negative way.

Double What You Grow In Your Garden

If space is a concern for you, try doubling what you can grow by adding a trellis or low fence in the back of your planting bed; maybe even along a fence or wall in your yard. These can be used not just for flowers but also with vegetables as well. This will allow you the ability to grow vines vertically and avoid having them sprawling over on to their other plant neighbors. Just imagine what a rustic set of wooden trellises would do for the beauty and appearance of the back of your garden.

Use Pots; The Bigger The Better

By using plots and planters you can have overflowing fragrant flowers like scented geraniums or marguerite daisies which can add bulk and color to any surrounding seating area or bench. You could also put a reflecting pool and birdbath with a wide terra-cotta bowl in the middle of your patio space which will add a magnificent look and style to your garden.

Think Of Your Garden As An Outdoor Room

By thinking of your garden as an outside room you can create a beautiful outdoor area in which you will love to spend your time. By using a freestanding pergola over a gravel area with some wooden table and chairs you can create a wonderful summer area for you and your family to enjoy beautiful summer dinners outside. You will also create a sense of enclosure by using a pergola, and even make the patio area seem larger than it actually is.

Think Bold And Bright

If you have a shady backyard you know very well that it can be a great place to spend your time during those hot summer days. But sometimes these areas can be very dark and gloomy. Think about brightening your garden with some bright and bold colors from pillow cushions, outdoor rugs, patio umbrellas, and even flower pots. Don’t be afraid to make them pop or stand out; in our opinion you can never be too bright with colors when it comes to your garden. We hope that you consider some of these design ideas for your yard this year.

A well-groomed garden will be a great place for you and your family to spend your time having fun this summer, or hosting a barbeque with friends and family. Don’t let another year go by without tackling your garden so that you can be proud to show it to everyone. Visit