Everyone is in love with the pets except the person who is planning to buy your home. Home buyers will always ask their investigators to check if there is any evidence available related to pets. That is why it often gets hard to sell home with pets. Home sellers who love pets often find it difficult to sell their property. If you are a pet lover here we have a few tips for selling your home fast.

Remove all the evidence

Once you are ready to declutter your house, it is important that you prepare it for showcasing. You have to hide all evidence related to your pets. You have to remove the pet toys, litter boxes, pet’s bed and all other items that are related to your pet or may show that you had a pet previously. Keep the food and water bowls under the sink to assure that no one can see them. When you call the real estate, photographer let him know that nothing related to your pet should be showcased in the images. The customer scrolling through the listing will surely notice the products related to pets, you have to be extra careful.

Get rid of the pet odor

There are various pet-friendly homes for sale available but the buyers will never find out that there were pets living in the house previously. The reason is that owners will remove all the scents related to their pet.

There are some individuals who are allergic to pets and even the odor of pets can start the reaction. That is why you have to clean your house properly and assure all the hair of your pet and even the smell is removed. You can use enzyme cleansers to remove the odor. Do not make the mistake of using scented candles or perfumes to remove pet odor. Some people might find perfumes offensive and others will think there is something wrong with the house. It is better that you get the property professionally cleaned.

Deep cleaning is important

Whether you have pets or not, it is important that you properly clean your house. All the windows and corners of the house should be dust free. Make sure that you clean your house properly to assure that home buyer will not find any issues. You can also hire cleaning experts for the services. 

Repair pet damage

There must be various products in your house that have signs that you had a pet. Assure that you remove all the items that have been scratched. If there is scratched wallpapers or curtains, you have to assure that you properly remove or cover the damage. Your furniture and upholstery might be damaged because of your pet. It is better that you remove all such items or repair them with such perfection that home buyers would not be able to find any signs of pets in your house.

Pets should not be in the house during showcasing

When you are planning to showcase the house, assure that your pet is not around. Your member of the house can take your pet for a long walk or for a game in the nearest park. You can also send your pet to your friend’s or neighbor’s house to assure that there will be no evidence left behind related to the pet.

When you are planning to sell home with pets, it is better that you hire an expert real estate agent. They will provide you expert advice related to how you can manage everything for selling a house with pets.