If you have an upcoming move you may be overwhelmed at all of the details that must be addressed. However, every other challenge must wait until you take care of the number one priority. Finding a place to live where your family will be safe and secure. When you consider a home for your family, your pet is included. If you are one of the millions of American families that have pets, you understand that your pet is very important to you. Dogs, for example, are a source of affection, protection, and company even through the roughest times in life. The love you have for your pet makes it living without him unthinkable, yet finding an apartment that is pet-friendly is often difficult.

Beginning the search

If you are moving to a Dallas apartment you will conduct a search that includes:

  • Location
  • Transportation
  • Amenities
  • Affordability
  • Comfort
  • Safety

When you have found apartments that pass these requirements, you will then look for which of the apartments are pet-friendly.

They don’t want you?

You must understand why there are landlords and management companies that do not allow pets. You may be a caring and responsible pet owner. But, not everyone is. Landlords are sometimes left with huge bills and expenses to pay because an irresponsible pet owner neglected their pet and their home. Puppies will often chew on everything you leave in its path. This includes framework, furniture legs, shoes, and handbags.

Cats and kittens are easily litter-box trained. But a cat will refuse to use a nasty and overfilled litter box. A dog is not likely to relieve himself in their kennel. But, when they are neglected to this point, they have little choice. Though it is not the animal’s fault. Property owners cannot absorb repair bills, cleaning and odor removing and the inconvenience this is to other tenants. You can ask for an exception to be made, but it rarely is.

Maybe, you don’t want them!

Before you start narrowing the search down based on the fact that allows pets, take some time to go and tour the location. Just like a pet owner has a responsibility to the landlord or property manager, they have an obligation to current renters. View the areas where dogs are allowed to play. Is it nasty and smelly? If pet owners do no clean up after their pets, do you really want to take your dog in the play yard? Do you see animals that are not on leashes or contained? Stop and listen. Do you hear a lot of barking in the complex?

This complex obviously allows pets, and any apartment that allows pets are going to charge more so the normal wear and tear on the property will be covered. However, you should stop and think about this. If the property managers are not enforcing the simple and common courtesy rules, do you feel safe assuming the animals are current on their shots and do not have a reputation of attacking children or smaller animals? Further, how happy would you be if the dog next door barks all day and all night? Every time he barks it will upset your pet. This can really throw a monkey wrench into your own dog’s training.

Who do you ask?

Who would know where there are pet-friendly areas? Who would know if pets are neglected or even abused? Let’s take a look.

Find a new veterinarian

  • You will probably need to shop for a new vet. You will check them out and meet with them to ensure that your pet's health is a priority.
  • Make it a point to ask him where some good pet-friendly apartments are located.


  • Pet groomers are on the front lines of caring professionals for your pet, A good groomer will have a good idea of where healthy and well-balanced animals live.

Doggie daycare, extended stay or spa

  • Many cities have doggie daycare. When you are in a situation where your pet would be left unattended overnight, this is the place you would turn to. Extended stay facilities are for families that are going on vacation, or out of town on business.
  • Pet owners who care this much about their furry family members are going to live in areas where pets are loved and not just tolerated.
  • Many extended stay facilities offer a doggie spa, with a pool, rub-down services, and other pampering services. Again, these professionals will be able to point you in the right direction.

Finding a new home can be a challenge. People who have children must check an area out thoroughly to ensure their child is safe and loved. The same is true for pet owners. Your pet relies on you to provide him with a loving environment where his needs are considered and met. Give yourself some extra time when looking at a move. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to be sure that your home is the right home.