The recently completed Fedex Distribution Center in Ocala, Florida has boosted the economic health of the Ocala area. Offering 150 full-time positions and more than 200 part-time positions, the 400,000-square-foot facility. The Fedex Distribution Center in on 150+ acres began by processing 15,000 packages per hour. With this capacity, it will process 45,000 packages per hour. Many of these Fedex employees are purchasing previously owned homes, and others are seeking new homes. This will help the Ocala area housing market.

The company used local labor and companies to construct the facility. Helping even more families to increase their economic ability to purchase a home. Additionally, the presence of the Fedex facility demonstrates to other companies the economic advantage of locating in the Ocala area, further contributing to the influx of new families searching for a home.

Location of Fedex Distribution Center

Since the hub is in Ocala/Marion County Commerce Park. It’s adjacent to I-75 and has access to easy access to U.S. 27, U.S. 441/301 and SR 40. There are many sellers and contractors able to offer convenient locations for those wishing to purchase a home. The facility could expand, and some projections call for 1 million square feet of warehouse space. Fedex is expecting to employing 1,000 workers and handling 45,000 packages a day. Therefore, the possibility of a continued need for housing exists. Fred Franks of Sellstate Next Generation Realty states, “There is a large number of new Fedex employees searching for homes, which is causing us to have a great sellers’ market." So, what are some things these new and pre-owned buyers are searching for that Ocala offers?

A New Home Offers

  • Modern Floorplans

If you desire an open floorplan with plenty of storage space, a new home is probably the best choice for you. Additionally, dedicated spaces for laundry, optimized storage, and easy-to-care-for landscaping helps the busy homeowner with the convenience they desire. Also, rooms are larger, especially bathrooms, and many have luxurious master suites.

  • Personalized Interior and Exterior Designs

With a new home, the buyer can choose colors, floor coverings, and countertops, just to mention a few of the options available. They can also look for a house plan with an exterior that suits their family’s personality. Lot size and square footage also are choices the new home buyer can make.

  • Low Operation and Maintenance Expenses

New homes will not need painting or major maintenance for a few years. Additionally, they have energy saving appliances. Improved construction and materials help the roof, air conditioning, and the house itself to need less maintenance and results in less expense for the homeowner. It is estimated that a home twenty years old costs almost twice as much in maintenance and utilities as a new home.

  • Health and Safety Protection

Your new home will be free from pest infestations, mold, and possible allergens from unwanted pet dander. Strict building guidelines mean sustainable materials, stronger constructions, and code-approved workmanship. Additionally, many new homes are in communities that provide added security for their residents.

  • A Home Warranty to Protect Your Investment

When purchasing a new home, ask the builder about the home warranty. It should protect against material defects, as well as protection for system and structural problems.

Why Purchase a Pre-Owned Home

Buyers interested in pre-owned homes might desire a specific type of home in an established Ocala communities. A previously lived in home can be as much as 20% less expensive than a new home of a comparable size. Frequently, older homes have more character and might be built better than a new home. If you look around, you might find the perfect house for you that has been updated. A good real estate professional will know the area and what pre-sold homes are available that are in excellent condition and might meet your needs. Whether you are purchasing a new home or opting for an older home in an established neighborhood, you will want to consider the following:

  • Convenient Location

Look for a home close to I-70 or U.S. 27, U.S. 441/301 and SR 40, as they all feed the Fedex plant

  • Proximity to Excellent Local Schools

If you have children, make sure local schools provide programs that will benefit your child. Check on availability of transportation and after-school care, if you need it.

  • Safety and Security

Security systems, gated communities, and local law enforcement all provide for your family’s safety.

  • Ease of Upkeep

Don’t buy more house than you have the time to take care of, both inside and out.

  • How Much House You Can Afford

Remember to include all expenses – insurance, utilities, etc.

  • Local and Area Recreational Activities

The Ocala area is known for its numerous recreational activities. Additionally, many new home communities have their own parks, pools, and playgrounds.

Contact a Professional Real Estate if you are Locating to the area

The new Fedex hub has boosted the local economy and promises to continue doing so. Much of the impact has been and will continue to be on the housing market. If you are a Fedex employee looking to upgrade to a larger home or buy a new home. If you are a Fedex employee and you are new to the area contact a local professional real estate agent.