From gated subdivisions, traditional neighborhoods to 55+ retirement communities, Ocala Real Estate offers a home to everyone. Ocala Real Estate market is looking great as the median prices rise and rents shoot up. The housing growth in Ocala Real Estate is strong, driven by families and retirees who are moving here to get away from areas with colder and harsher climates. The employment opportunities are growing too so overall the market looks good. The market overview has been summarized below:

Ocala Real Estate Market July 2016

  • The median sales price for all kinds of home ending July 2016 in the Ocala Real Estate Market was $118,000. It has increased year over year by 19.2% ($19000). 3 months ago the median sales price in Ocala Real Estate was $108,000 and a year ago it was $99,000. Thus we see that the median price of Ocala Real Estate has been increasing significantly year over year, it’s a good sign that shows that the market is in good condition.
  • The average price per square foot in the Ocala Real Estate Market over the past year has increased from $66 to $75.
  • The number of houses sold in the Ocala Real Estate Market declined slightly from June 2016 to July 2016. It dropped down from 1,068 to 1,005 homes. This is primarily due to the declining inventory and the rising prices.
  • Ocala Real Estate Rental prices dropped slightly in June 2016 due to increase in number of houses in the Ocala Real Estate market. The number of rental property increased from 232 to 263 from June 2016 to July 2016. Consequently the Ocala Real Estate rent prices dropped from $975 to $950, the prices are expected to rise again in august as the number of rentals decline due to occupation.
  • The number of active listings open on the Ocala Real Estate market is 2841. New listings posted include 790. The total inventory supply is anticipated to last for about 5.5 months.
  • Median time a property stays on Ocala Real Estate market is 58 days.

Overall the data shows that the Ocala Real Estate median prices are slowly going up and inventories are slowly going doing pushing the number of sales down, it’s a healthy housing market. Factors such as lower costs of construction, low interest rates, commercial construction activity and a strengthening economy are contributing to make an optimistic housing sector that will be healthy over the next few years.

The time for investing in Ocala Real Estate Market has never been better. Whether is people looking to move into a new area, or its investors looking to maximize their positive cash flows, Ocala Real Estate market offers favorable conditions for both parties? At the present time homes for sale in Ocala FL is now a sellers market! Ocala is a bustling city that is well equipped with modern amenities to facilitate the locals. The city is home to good schools, Medicare facilities, and recreational spots.

Many tourists fly in from all parts of the country to participate in several events in the city. The city even hosts events specific to city such as the annual parade of homes, and the fall showcase of homes. Tourism has always been good in the city, many new hotels have open up to meet the accommodation demands of the tourists, and many prefer to rent apartments or rooms during their stay in the area. This is good for the real estate market as it keeps the rent prices steady.

Not just that, Ocala is widely known as the “Horse capital of the world” due to the many farms that are raising dozens of fine breeds. If you’re into horses and lush green landscapes, you’re going to love living in Ocala, the good Ocala Real Estate market conditions are just like an extra cherry on top. Ocala is also home to several schools, colleges and even universities. Among the most famous institutes in the area that are contributing to a stronger housing market are the Central Florida Community College and its campus on State 200 roads.

These colleges not only offer associate degrees, they also offer masters degrees via online classes from as many as 7 different universities. Students studying in the college pursue housing in the area during the course of their studies which impacts Ocala Real Estate positively. The city has a life style that suits all ages. The retirement communities have everything to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the elderly including outdoor and indoor sports, leisure clubs and much more. Ocala provides a vibrant night life to satisfy the young as well. It is well equipped with fine dining, recreational and entertainment facilities.

We’ve many active listings available in Ocala Real Estate, you can browse through the listings by searching on our website. If you find something that you want to pursue further, feel free to email us or call us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for!