Ocala, Florida has become one of the premier destinations for retirees and persons 55+ who are interested in community living. People come from all over the country to live in one of the beautiful, amenity filled neighborhoods that make Ocala great. This in turn helps drive the Ocala real estate market, with hundreds of people making inquiries each year. While the Ocala real estate market is heating up right now, there are still plenty of affordable homes for sale in Ocala, FL, all of which can be easily found on the Ocala MLS.

What’s happening in the Ocala Real Estate Market?

The Ocala real estate market continues to stay strong with an average home price of $64 a square foot, which is an increase of 6.7% over this time last year. There are also more than 2,000 homes for sale in Ocala, FL right now, many of them at affordable prices with an average home selling price for the area right now around $95,000 and with many home prices starting down around $60,000. Many of these homes are also in desirable, community living areas as well, which means that no matter what brings people to Ocala, they can likely find an affordable home in an area they can enjoy.

Over the past 5 years Ocala real estate foreclosures climb, now with the market setting down, we are seeing not as many homes in foreclosures. Many of the homes currently for sale in Ocala are new construction, built to meet the coming demand of those interested in 55+ community living. Marion County and Ocala in particular is seeing a lot of growth and influx of people looking for community living. This means that communities are consistently building new homes in styles and layouts that meet the current demand of new homeowners.

Combined with affordable home prices and a large number of homes for sale, anyone looking to purchase a property in Ocala can find exactly what it is they are looking for. We are starting to see more Ocala FL real estate rentals.

Purchasing a Home for Sale in Ocala, FL

A large percentage of people looking to relocate to Ocala are coming from out of state. This makes the Ocala Real Estate Market and local realty websites like Localrealtyservice.com invaluable to those looking to purchase in the area. You can easily search online by zip code and find the latest homes for sale in Ocala, along with pertinent information about the area, such as amenities that you may find in various communities, as well as average home pricing for each community.

Once you find an area, community, or home that you’re interested in, you can often get the information you need before you even enter the state. Ocala is home to numerous 55+ communities, including gated communities such as Ocala Palms and Candler Hills and village style communities such as Quail Meadows.

These communities have been built up over the course of several years – like much of Ocala – and therefore have a number of different styles of houses currently for sale. Therefore people relocating from out of state who want the familiarity of a frame house or those who are looking for the traditional Florida look of a block and stucco home can find what they’re looking for at the price that they can afford.

Find Homes for Sale in Ocala, FL

As the baby boomer population continues to age, retiree, and look toward affordable community living, the Ocala real estate market are continuing to grow to meet the demand. With more than 2,000 affordable properties to choose from, the ability to search online from out of state, and the many amenities that Ocala communities have to offer, potential home buyers will have no trouble getting exactly what they want in Ocala. Visit Local Realty Service today to get started.