If you own a property in Ocala, FL and are considering listing it for sale in the near future, your timing couldn’t be better. The months from October to February are the prime time to sell a home in Ocala. So while real estate markets in other parts of the country may advise waiting until spring to list your home, doing so at this time of year in Ocala will give your property a greater chance of being seen and being sold in a timely way.

The Influx of Snowbirds

Ocala, FL is well known as a destination site for retirees and those interested in 55+ community living. This is true both of people who want to live in the area full time, and those that want to escape the harsh winters up north and get a taste of what Ocala has to offer. During the months of October, November, December, January, and February, hundreds of retirees known as “snowbirds” come to Florida to experience a more mild winter. This includes people who may be interested in purchasing a home in a 55+ community, or in an area like Ocala that is well known for its amenities and temperate winters. Real Estate in Ocala FL has grown over the past 5 years, and the housing market is making a big come back!

Showing Your Home

By listing your home for sale at the start of the snowbird season, you can optimize the chances of a quick sale. When snowbirds arrive in Ocala at the start of the winter season, they spend a portion of their time getting to know the community, the area, and the properties that may be listed for sale. Those that enjoy traveling to Ocala each winter may make the decision to purchase a property where they can move full time.

Listing your home in September or October makes the most sense if you plan on selling it this year, because it maximizes exposure to potential buyers over the coming months. Many snowbirds keep an eye out for the right property during their time in Florida each year. If your property is currently for sale, it gives them the opportunity to see it in person, speak with neighbors, and get to know what amenities and attractions may be nearby, rather than having to make a special trip or try to find a property remotely once they return home.

Listing with Fred Franks of Local Realty Service

At Local Realty Service, we have a large international presence that can help get word out to snowbirds about current listings before they arrive in Ocala. This can help ensure that your property will get seen by those most interested in purchasing in the area. We can help you stage your home and market it to its best advantage so potential buyers won’t have any trouble finding it.

We offer potential buyers the ability to search for properties in Ocala in a number of different ways, so no matter how they want to search, your home is sure to get the exposure you need to sell it quickly for the price you want. List your home with Fred Franks of Local Realty Service before the snowbird season begins to maximize your potential for a quick sale.