A beautifully staged home is the perfect way to wow buyers but just because it looks nice, does not mean that the buyers are going to overlook the areas that need repair. Therefore it is very important that you prepare your home so that it passes the purchaser’s inspection.

Small Repairs Can Get You a Better Price

Many sellers are eager to list their homes to sell as it is, keeping the prices competitive but it is not a good strategy. Buyers tend to estimate even small repairs at double the real cost. This can result in a thumbs down or an offer that you might be forced to refuse. That is why it is worth making simple repairs before showing your home. Curb appeal is crucial. Surveys show buyers like a home within seconds after seeing the exterior and every tiny detail matters. Buyers tend to notice every flaw from hairline cracks in the foundation and walkways to missing roof gravels and clogged gutters. Sagging window shields, fences, and gates are also never overlooked. Taking the time ensure your home looks its best both inside and out will help sellers get the best price possible for their home. First impressions do matter, especially in real estate. Buyers might be less likely to review the rest of the house if the outside is neglected or unattractive—despite the interiors being stunning.

7 Simple Repairs to Sell Your Home Faster

Here are a few quick curb appeal tips to help you fix and sell your house faster:

  1. Fix Any Leaking Faucets

Buyers will definitely pick up on that, wonder why it has not be fixed and whether or not there are other leaking problems under the sinks.

  1. Clean and Re-Caulk Bathtubs and Vanities

Since these are high traffic areas, at times the caulking can discolor and peal. A nice and fresh white caulking around the bathtubs cleans and brightens it right away.

  1. Clean the Gutters

Although you cannot see inside the gutters from the top of the floor, you can easily see them from an upper floor window. Nevertheless, a home inspector will surely identify gutters that have not be maintained. Do not leave any reason for a buyer to question how well the home has been cared for.

  1. Patron Fills in Any Holes or Scuffs on the Walls

Re-paint the walls if necessary. Scuffed up walls are extremely unappealing to the buyers.

  1. Paint the Front Door

Scrub and repaint the front door if necessary. It is the first thing the buyers will see. Therefore, if it is in rough shape give it a quick facelift.

  1. Update Lighting and Hardware Fixtures

Touch up all the switchboards. A quick scrub and fresh paint will make them stand right out.

  1. Do a Thorough Cleaning

A long drawn out cleaning session can also do wonders for your curb appeal. Power wash or hose down your exterior, driveway and sidewalk.


These are just a few ideas but since every property is different, the list of repairs will be different. If you are looking to sell your house, a few quick, inexpensive changes to your home’s interior and exterior can help make the process easier for you, from being able to sell the house much faster and the advantage of adding more value to the requesting price.