The way we live in our home and the way we market to sell our home are different. When you are ready to sell your Orlando home fast, you must have heard staging has become a part of the process of selling a home. Fred Franks of Local Realty Service suggests it is not optional in real estate market. Selling a home is like a beauty contest where the best houses with curb appeal win. If you are the owner of three-bedroom home, you can stage it for apropos $6000; moreover, staging your Orlando home to sell will boost its value by $10,000 to $100,000.

What is home staging?

Your home is the largest investment and staging your Orlando home to sell fast is the best way to showcase the best features. It is a platform to showcase lifestyle that a buyer would want, suggests visual and spatial relationships along with perceptions that help buyers to visualize their future home. Staged homes sell quicker and for a better value than unstaged homes. Stage the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining as they are the four important rooms of your home. The cost of staging a home can run up a few thousand dollars, however, the returns on the investment are much higher. Some homes may need rearranging furniture while others may need small repairs, furniture, and landscaping. Home staging can be a DIY project or you can hire a home stager to handle everything for you. Staging your home to sell fast in Orlando FL

Benefits of staging your Orlando home to sell

  • A staged home gives it a comfy, cozy look and feeling of ease. Buyers will ignore minor repairs or faults when staging home.
  • Buyers will pay 1% to 10% more for a staged home as they see the value compared to an unstaged, outdated, in need of repairs and cluttered home.
  • On staging your home, dollar value appraises as it has a feeling of being well-maintained. The appraiser will not deduct points as home staging takes care of all repairs and faults in the process.
  • House hunting takes place online, 80% of the time. A staged home is presentable as it is all about the first impression on the buyer. Your staged Orlando home will get a marketing advantage when listing photos online than if unstaged.

    Secrets of staging your Orlando home to sell

    Staging your home does not need to be expensive, as it improves the worth of your home many folds.
    1. Decked up walls – if the walls look drab, and paint is old, paint is the best ROI. Choose neutral colors like soft beige, light grey and soft white for the walls to brighten them.
    2. Remove photos – Potential buyers must be able to picture themselves in your home and must not wonder who lives there. Do away with religious and personal family photos.
    3. Remove oversized furniture – Cramped spaces are disturbing as buyers may feel there is less space to live comfortably. In your bedroom leave just the night table and bed.
    4. De-clutter rooms and closets – Ensure minimal items on shelves and in the room, on the floor, remove at least 50% of the items.
    5. Clean, prim and polished – If you are unable to clean the house, hire professionals to clean the house, including light fixtures, baseboards, light cover plates. Remove surface mould. Make the beds, take care of the laundry. Clean the outside of your home, doors, windows, carpet stains, and curtains.
    6. Tend minor repairs – Before painting repair wall patches and fix broken items and light fixtures.
    7. Remove appliances and other items – In the kitchen and bathroom, replace the appliances and items on the counter top with decorative items and flower vase.
    8. Leave outdoor lights on – Improve the overall ambiance of your home by changing the light bulbs if they do not work to daylight bulbs. Create a warm, inviting curb appeal by leaving the outdoor lights on at night.
    9. Take care of pets – Ease the stress levels and sensitivity of buyers while home staging, take your pet to a family member, boarding or kennel.
    These are the secrets to staging your Orlando home to sell, you will soon find buyers interested in seeing your home and buying for a price that seemed unimaginable. Contact one of our Central Florida real estate agents today at 1-800-253-1129