Given the spurt in real estate activity seen in and around Ocala in recent times, it's no surprise that property search in the area has become a major focus. Prospective home buyers in Ocala FL want to take their time and zero in on just the right property which best meets their needs. Of course this is no slight feat, there are ample choices, and customers themselves can be quite exacting in what their desires are. That is where the need for an intelligent, well informed and dynamic Ocala real estate agents comes to the forefront.

Local Realty Service with Fred Franks at the helm provides you with precisely that. Fred Franks knows these things, because he has been in the real estate industry for decades with rich experiences in matching customer expectations with market realities. For instance, if there is a customer seeking large Ocala horse properties, with very exacting specifications, he will go out of his way to ensure that the customer gets exactly what is being sought.

Moreover, the Ocala FL real estate listings as seen on our website definitely deserve a special mention since they make the whole task of real estate search that much easier all you have to do, is simply input your criteria and lo and behold, you will have an eclectic choice of desirable properties right in front of you. Go ahead and take your pick. If you are having a tough time making up your mind, feel free to give Fred a call at (352) 591-3350; he will be more than happy to assist you in finding your dream property.

Equal Expertise in Residential and Investment Homes in all of Marion County

In Ocala, demand for property comes in for both residential as well as investment purposes, i.e. while most people are looking for a home for themselves, others are simply looking to invest in properties in the area, which they feel would appreciate significantly over time, along with the income they can earn along the way by renting their investment properties.

In the case of Local Realty Service there is equal deftness in offering up properties for residential as well as investment purposes. Therefore, no matter what your end objective is, feel free to contact Fred Franks at (352) 591-3350 for your Ocala real estate needs.

Services During and After Property Purchase

A major advantage that we possess at Local Realty Service is we offer enormous assistance during and after purchase of your property. In other words, services are definitely not limited to simply locating a property for you. For instance, say you have zeroed in on a property that you would like to buy but at the same time, you need help with price negotiation, well, Local Realty Service could certainly help you.

Likewise in case of property purchase related paperwork, including finalizing mortgages or choosing lenders, and so on. In other words, when it comes to just about anything related to real estate, in and around Ocala, you can certainly trust Local Realty Service to deliver.